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Learn to live and love again, with psychotherapist Julia Samuel’s award-winning app for grief. Filled with advice, support and guidance to help you navigate the turbulent emotions surrounding the death of a loved one, the app has helped hundreds of people in their most difficult times.

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cost of a coffee per week
effective alone or alongside therapy
24/7 support

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cost of a coffee per week
effective alone or alongside therapy
24/7 support

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Help is with you, anytime you need it

Process your grief

with a 28 session course guided by Julia Samuel, MBE.

Be supported

with 30+ tools to help you with emotions from sadness, to despair, to anger, to numbness

Private space

to work through your thoughts at your own pace.

Grief is hard. Getting support shouldn’t be

Immediate tools help however you’re feeling, in the moment you need them.
10-15 minutes per day is all you need to create an impact.
More affordable than therapy, more effective than a book.

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93% of the time people use the app they report feeling "better" or "much better"

Having had professional counselling for grief this app is on a par if not better.


This is such a great app to help anyone who is grieving , daily sessions on different aspects of grieving and tools that you can use to help whenever you need it … I have had 1:1 therapy before and this is the closest I have come to that. Thank you for helping me on my grief journey


It’s like your personal therapist at your fingers. The app contains sessions you can access any time . She is very compassionate and supportive, definitely comes from a lot of experience. I recommend it for people suffering of all kinds .


I am a counsellor and i have bought this app to try out so I can recommend it to my clients - all I can say is that it is fantastic! So much thought has gone through it - I love the relaxation exercises, meditation, journaling, the course and prompts it can give you during the day, the evening restful story and the calming sounds - there is so much more. I won't hesitate to recommend the app, thank you Julia, I am your biggest fan!

Rowena, Counsellor ✅

If you have had loss in your life, trust me this is an absolute MUST HAVE. Grief Works is a life saver, it's empowering and allows you to go back over the course when you find you are stuck again. It really works, doesn't fix but helps us all to manage our losses and how we heal in our own time. I can't leave the house without having Julia in my pocket!

I’ve found it to be useful and beneficial in my work with a 64 year old man whose wife recently died. In our session last week, he said he feels more confident and able to go out in to the community, and is accepting not to feel guilty about moving on with his life – which was absolutely beautiful to hear.

Claire Field, Counsellor ✅

I started using the App after my dear, elderly mum passed away in Dec 21. I’ve worked through the whole course & used lots of the additional tools like the meditations to help me sleep better. Now on the more difficult days I quite often go back to a part of the course & the journaling tool. I’m so grateful to have found this App, which alongside counselling is helping so much. I would highly recommend to anyone who is going through grief & bereavement. Thank you Julia.


Grief is something we all experience at some point, but no one talks about it. The storm of emotions can make carrying on with life difficult, but when you are hurting emotionally you can’t go to the doctor for pain medicine or stretches to relieve the pain. I found this app a huge relief. I could do the sessions in the evening and learn how to process things. I also discovered my feelings and struggles were normal, not a personal failing or weakness. Give it a go: that millstone of grief you have been carrying will get lighter and more manageable.


I had no way of accessing a therapist to help me through the grieving process. I was never given a book on grieving during my education years. I quickly realized I was at a loss for how I do it. I decided I needed to emotionally educate myself. The course has been tremendous, it’s giving me the tools or to quote Julia Samuel, the pillars, to work through the grieving process. It’s in small bite-size pieces so it’s not too overwhelming. I recommend it very highly.

Scot's View

This app has been invaluable since the sudden death of my Mum a month ago. It is like having a person therapist / friend to advise, support and guide in what has been a horrific time - it has enabled me to keep things together and be able to face the difficulties alongside my family. This is the best money and investment, in my opinion - I would have spent alot more on therapy or alcohol otherwise! This is a quality course. JULIA: thankyou for a start for offering this opportunity to work with you to improve our daily lives. It has made an enormous difference to me.


I found this app a box of jewels for my mind. I realised I had not grieved properly but I also faced divorce too and it is this app that strangely helped both losses. I realised I normally suppress my feelings with the most uncomfortable experiences in my life. This has helped me recognise this but not feel ‘wrong’, just move to another way. Thank you for creating this app - it really is worth it - what ever your loss.

La gypsy

I lost my baby bro 11/5/21 - and my world is obliterated. I could barely brush my teeth - and still find it difficult to do most days. I make sure to check in daily and do the work, as horrible as it makes you feel in the moment (some exercises are tough for me) it does help. I’ll grieve forever and maybe Im delusional now to think the app helped, but I can say this for sure. Im not debating joining my brother anymore. Not yet at least.


Based off Julia Samuel’s best-selling book on grief

Grief hurts and it can be difficult to manage. But if you can allow it into your life, grief works. Be supported through a step-by-step process, by Julia Samuel MBE, to help you live & love again